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Passion for print: honor your investment in the professional

When we got married in the Spring of 2006, it was a whirlwind day of love, nervousness, excitement, and details.  Family members flew in from all over the country and all over world.  The wedding ceremony was perfect, focusing our love within the eternal Love, led by our beloved Pastor.  Celebrations began at our reception as extended family on both sides grew to know each other, dance together, laugh together, and rejoice in our marriage.

We  invested money from our budget in professional vendors and service providers because we wanted them to to a high quality job that would make our day perfect and would make sure our memories lasted beyond our own lifetime. 

With that joyous day we dove into married life: new home, jobs, balancing each others' schedules, and learning how two become one.

All while having one picture framed on the mantle of that beautiful, momentous day, and one picture proudly hanging on the wall.

A year later a gift of a leather wedding album appeared in my lap.

Flipping through those crisp photos together that told such a story of a gamet of emotions on a day that can never be repeated...  a moment that became the foundation of an amazing family unit... we learned a valuable lesson.. we cannot let moment like that hide in a computer somewhere. We were also not going to waste the investment in our selection of wedding photographer. Why bother hiring a professional whose work you don't even use? It's a disservice to them but its a waste of money and resources when you don't finish the photography job.

Look at us! We were kids!

Look at us! We were kids!



Soon after, our walls became covered with the magical moments of our lives as each couple photo of ours, each maternity photo, each child that we were blessed with, soon became tangible, physical memories that we look at every day.

We invest in professional photographs, we honor the time spent together as a couple and as a family throughout our journey.  Our passion now as a couple, and professional photographers is to display those moments proudly throughout our home and as gifts to family and friends.... because the truth is, one day Facebook will fade and our digital copies will become extinct to the next device.

Show that passion for print and let's get out there and make some great art!  We are!