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Passion for print

We are very excited to be adding some extra content to our blog this year. In addition to updating our subscribers with current work and projects, we will also be adding written pieces covering a variety of topics related to our business, photography style and tips for photography in general. We're looking forward to what this year has in store for us!


 Our strongest belief as photographers is the power of prints.  Actual, tangible, smell them, hold them in your hand, print.  That's why Melissa and I began this relationship with photography so many years ago. We are living in a modern age.  So much of our lives now exists in our back pocket. On a 4-6 inch screen, we have health information, all our contacts, social media, news, sports score and of course, our beloved photos... so, do you proudly display your phone in your home?



Well, ok, I do love my phone, but for Melissa and I, one particular category is greatly underserved by only being displayed on a computer screen.  While all of these awesome resources sit on electronic devices of all forms, for us there is nothing better than a tangible print when it comes to how your beloved photographs are displayed.



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