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Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brimijoin!

So I have always thought of Groundhog day (as in the movie) as a strange phenomenon. But can I just tell you that if I had to live Groundhog day, can I request to make it Clay and Deborah's wedding day? It was so fantastic to be part of their intimate, family centered wedding on the family farm in Evington. The style and fun were in full flow and it was so fun to be part of the day. I hope that the newly weds have the same thought that I did as I stood in front of the house with the bluegrass band playing and family friends, fireworks, hulahooping and dancing: this is a memory that will last forever. I think one day they will sit on that porch, look out and still vividly remember the beauty that was their wedding day. Congratulations guys! Thanks for making us part of your matrimony!

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